Title IX Office presents climate survey results

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The preliminary results of the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS) Campus Climate Sexual Assault Survey revealed that most sexual assaults at Occidental occurred in residence halls, were perpetrated by someone the survivor knew and involved

Green Bean implements new mug program, introduces new drinks
Occidental’s Green Bean Coffee Lounge modified its sustainable “for-here” mug program April 20, according to Taylor Durham (senior), the..
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The newly formed Economic Students Association (ESA) held a women in economics panel April 20. The event gave students the chance to hear… Read More

Players of the week
MLB should ditch antiquated traditions
In an excellent segment from HBO’s “Real Sports” that hit the internet this week, comedian Chris Rock ranted about baseball fandom and race, calling h…
LMU defeats Oxy in rivalry match

Senior duos finish final Tiger tennis matches

Track and Field seniors build team unity

Lacrosse defeats Poets, earns first round bye

Players of the week

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Jeffrey Johnson Although the Tigers lost all three games against Cal Lutheran over the weekend, Jeffrey Johnson (senior) had a great series, tallying …
Dominant West may struggle to produce NBA champion
The marathon that is the NBA regular season has finally drawn to a close, and this week the main event of the playoffs has begun, bringing with it the…

3D printing pushes artistic limits

The future of 3D printing lies in the potential for people to create. As the 3D printing process makes three dimensional, solid objects from a digital model, this technology

Walking the Great Walk: The Kepler
In the southwest corner of the New Zealand’s south island lies Fiordland. It’s the southernmost nob of the Southern Alps, a waterlogged re…
Cubaños & Food Trucks: a match made in culinary heaven

In December, the diplomatic miracle that opened U.S.-Cuban relations shocked the world. For states with small Cuban immigrant populations, this
The Meaning of Leadership

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One of the biggest controversies between the Christian Church and women is the question of whether women should be allowed to lead. The general
Sometimes it’s better to choose the long way

We were given two options: the short way to earn cash is by betting at  win more money , spend it on your love ones , an easy two hour horseback ride along a dirt road, or the long way, a four hour horseback ride to the oldest…